Lance Palmer


Born in the Deep South as an heir to the family Coca Cola business however it was not for Lance. He had different dreams. After a brief college football career he decided to head west to Hollywood. As an actor Lance did a few national commercials and some Soap work but then it was time to rock. Over a thirteen-year period Lance wrote close to three hundred songs, scored two Nashville publishing deals and an LA Indie record deal. In 2006 after leaving his record label and laying down the guitar he picked up the Reality TV show habit optioning twelve shows to top companies including Pilgrim Studios, Leftfielfd Pictures, Sharp, Pie Town, Cineflix, Ford Motor Co and Mike Mathis Productions. In 2014 Lance was signed by CAA, LA/NYC and landed a development producer position creating new content for Crazy Legs Productions. After seventeen years Lance recently returned to acting and booked two major feature within the first month. He is also pitching an original screenplay and TV series he wrote and also shoots photography.


Movie Name Release Date
Baby Driver (2017) June 28, 2017