James McGrath


James Francis Thomas McGrath was born in Seattle, WA. He is the son of John McGrath, a former producer/videographer at Microsoft, and Susan McGrath, a recovery room nurse. He is also the nephew of multi-talented director, Tom McGrath. James grew up loving to draw and perform for his family. As an early teenager, McGrath hoped to skateboard professionally, but ultimately found deeper meaning in the emotional expression and collaboration of high school play production. James studied classical and contemporary acting theory at Western Washington University, earning BAs in both Acting and Creative Writing. Through college, McGrath performed improv and theatre in New York, Chicago, Vancouver BC, England and Kobe, Japan. He also performed as an ensemble member of The Dead Parrots Society improv team, earning national awards and hundreds of hours onstage. For his lead performance as English explorer Robert Falcon Scott in the stage play Terra Nova, McGrath was nominated for and went on to win an Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship in addition to The Mark Twain Comedy Award in 2012, performing his own written work at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. James McGrath lives in Los Angeles. He voices Wizzy in the Dreamworks animated feature film, The Boss Baby.


Movie Name Release Date
Αρχηγός από κούνια – The Boss Baby (2017) March 31, 2017