• 19 May 1883
  •  Brighton, Sussex, England, UK

Harvey Braban


Harvey Braban born in 1883 in Brighton, Sussex, began in the theatre in the early 1900's and became well-known on Broadway and the West End theatre's from 1912. Smart, bald and stocky performer who occasionally played leads but mostly supporting in many silent crime and melodrama films first with the Stoll Film Company in 1920 later with Ideal Films, best remembered as the Chief Inspector in Alfred Hitchcock's 1929 film 'Blackmail' from then on he was often cast as Police Inspector's in many talkies, one of his final roles was 'Prime Minister Lord Salisbury' in the 1938 film 'Sixty Glorious Years' (AKA, 'Queen of Destiny'). Died in 1943 age 60.


Movie Name Release Date
Σκότωσα για την τιμή μου – Blackmail (1929) October 6, 1929