• 17 February 1948
  •  Budapest, Hungary

György Cserhalmi


His city is Budapest, he was born there, he graduated there, and worked a lot there. After he finished the College in 1971, he went to Debrecen to the Csokonai theatre. After it he played in the Petofi theatre, Veszprem. He has already worked in the National theatre; the Mafilm theatre group; Katona Jozsef theatre, Kecskemet. Before 1994 he was the art director of the Labdater teatrum theatre for a few years. In 1994 he went to the Uj Theatre to work as an actor. He has done a lot film, his good friend is Miklos Jancso, the director. Awards: Balazs Bela award (1982); Erdemes Muvesz (1986); Elizabeth award (1987,1990); SZOT award (1988); Kossuth award (1990).


Movie Name Release Date
Μεφίστο – Mephisto (1981) March 22, 1982