• 20 May 1894
  •  Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Estelle Taylor


A former typist, Estelle Taylor married a banker at age 14 and, after leaving him, moved to New York to study dramatic acting. She also modeled for artists and appeared in the chorus of a couple of Broadway shows. In the early 1920s she came to Hollywood and was noted as one of the film colony's most beautiful women. In 1925 she married 1920s heavyweight champion boxer Jack Dempsey. On the night of December 4, 1944, she spent an evening of dinner and drinks with actress Lupe Velez and was the last person to see Lupe before she committed suicide. Taylor was founder and president of the California Pet Owners' Protective League and was widely known for her devotion to pets. In 1953 served on the Los Angeles City Animal Regulation Commission.


Movie Name Release Date
Οι δέκα εντολές – The Ten Commandments (1923) November 23, 1923