• 12 July 1945
  •  Houston, Texas, USA

Edwin Neal


Born in Houston, Texas, USA, following high school Edwin studied w/ Zula Pearson at Lon Morris in Jacksonville, Texas, before moving on to acting/directing studies w/ B. Iden Payne at Univ. of Texas Drama Dept. While there, he auditioned for role of HitchHiker in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Edwin has worked w/ Oliver Stone in "JFK" and Bob Balaban in "My Boyfriend's Back". His favorite projects include playing Bassanio to Sandy Duncan's Portia in "Merchant of Venice", in a stage production. A top voice talent for many years, Edwin was chosen for inclusion in "The World's Greatest Commercials" by Carson Productions. Other top selling CD-ROM projects he has completed are: "Wing Commander II", "The Nile", "The Cartoon History of the Universe", and others. Edwin annually tours world-wide making many public appearances as 'The Hitch Hiker' at science-fiction conventions and related gatherings.