Duan Sanderson


Duan Sanderson is a trained actor and model that has played both leads and strong character roles in independent films with the most recent, as crack addict "Azu" in the opening scene of Barry Jenkin's Oscar Winning film "Moonlight" (Duan's voice is the first to be heard in the film). Born in Manchester, Jamaica, in 1977, he migrated to NY at an early age and grew up in Westchester. Duan was an avid "people watcher" as a child which led to his initial interest in acting. His father an accomplished engineer who worked with NASA on the "Lunar Rover" and his mother a nurse, both hoped he would pursue a career in STEM. Duan, however, caught the acting bug at age 10, while appearing in a play called "Trapped". Duan's desire to be a thespian was soon reinforced when he was cast in The Learning Team's nationally distributed educational film,"Green Power:Photosynthesis". As a result, by the age of 15 he began studying under acting coach Tina Sattin of the Open Cage Theater. Continuing to make theatrical appearances, Duan at age 16, was cast in a pivotal role in a play called "20th Century Slave" that sealed his career choice. Passionate about his craft, Duan has persevered in the industry landing a variety of roles in Off-Broadway Plays, Feature Films, commercials and music videos. A practitioner of Wing Chun and Wu style Tai-Chi, Duan's most recent credits also include fight choreography in a film wherein he also played the lead assassin.


Movie Name Release Date
Moonlight (2016) November 18, 2016