Craig Stark


His mother, a dance teacher, his father, a gambler, at 19, Stark went to work for Marlon Brando, after which he was hired to build a notorious nightclub for Jack Nicholson and Helena Kallianiotes. At that time, Stark went on to act in several TV shows and independent film classics such as, Border Radio (1987), Intruder (1989), Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1989) and This Ain't Bebop (1989). Leaving Hollywood and coming back in 2011, Craig met Quentin Tarantino, who cast him in such blockbuster films as, Django Unchained (2012)" and The Hateful Eight (2015) for which he is now known. Following "Django" his next gig in the hit film, _Homefront (1)(2013), put him alongside action star, Jason Statham, which then lead Mr. Stark to a recurring role on the hit series _Nashville (2012-) for ABC. His next role in the Fox hit, _Sleepy Hollow (2013-) brought him to the attention of Catherine Hardwicke, director of the film _Twilight (1) (2008), who cast Stark in the pilot episode of the CBS crime drama _Reckless (2014). Stark has also worked with directors, Barry Levinson, Ralph Bakshi, Allison Anders, Boaz Yakin, Eli Roth, Sam Raimi, Burr Steers, and Rian Johnson. He played the lead role in the award-winning short film, Bad Wolf (2012), 1st prize winner of the Producers Guild of America / Debra Hill Competition and won again the next year with A Day in the Country (2013), in Ron Howard's Canon Imagination Film Contest in 2013, both written and directed by Kalman Apple. Mr Stark has created a production company which has several projects slated.


Movie Name Release Date
Οι μισητοί οκτώ – The Hateful Eight (2015) December 30, 2015