Charles Rahi Chun


Rahi was born Charles Chun in New York City to parents of Korean heritage who met on a blind date whilst studying in Chicago. Raised bi-culturally in Utah, Seoul, Korea and Southern California, Rahi became a studied observer of human behavior and non-verbal communication at an early age. Thus, communication and expression, both verbal and non-verbal, were explored during his formative years through dance, drama, poetry and travel. With over 100 episodes of television and film to his credit, Rahi has enjoyed recurring and guest starring roles on shows such as Scrubs as Dr. Wen, the attending surgeon, for 5 seasons, Chicago PD, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: LA, Crash, Castle, Bones, ER, the series finale of Everybody Loves Raymond, and feature films including Next with Nicolas Cage, The Brothers Solomon with Will Arnett and Will Forte, MI:3 with Tom Cruise and The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco. He also played Dr. Misra, the Chief Oncologist on General Hospital and Dr. Jerry Lee, the Chief Hematologist on The Young and the Restless, 6 months after which he was also cast as Y&R's chief plastic surgeon. Needless to say, his innate medical prowess should not be underestimated. Concurrently, Rahi has enjoyed training at spiritual and healing centers around the world including living and practicing Zen meditation in Japan, Vipassana meditation at Wat Ram Peung, Thailand, completing the Advanced Therapy Training at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India, healing with John of God in Abadiania, Brazil, becoming certified in Family Constellation Therapy with Bert Hellinger in Austria, and engaging in treks through the mountains of Tibet, the Annapurna in Nepal, and the Golden Triangle along the Thai and Burmese borders. After completing an MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and becoming a CA state-certified Somatic Sex Educator, he founded Somatic Sexual Wholeness, combining developmental psychology, the safe and effective release of trauma from the nervous system, and sexological bodywork to restore and expand the body's natural capacity for presence, pleasure and wholeness.


Movie Name Release Date
Η συνέντευξη – The Interview (2014) December 24, 2014