• 7 May 1889
  •  Madrid, Spain

Carlos Martínez Baena


Carlos Martinez Baena was a character actor, who was born in Spain. At an early age he moved with his family to Mexico where he became a journalist. By 1920 he decided to become an actor while he was living in Argentina, and shortly afterward moved to Spain where he worked as a stage actor, eventually ppearing in films in Argentina, Spain and the U.S in Spanish language films made in the early and mid 1930s. In 1940 he returned to Mexico, escaping the fascist Franco goverment in Spain. The following year he began appearing in Mexican films in character parts, he was often cast as kindly old men, teachers, priests and appeared in many character parts. He was also very involved in the actor's union, during his career he also wrote and adapted sceenplays as well as writing poetry. In 1970 he completed his last film at the age 80, also a character part.


Movie Name Release Date
Αυτός – El (1953) June 2, 1954