• 9 April 1979
  •  London, England, UK

Ben Silverstone


Ben Silverstone was born in Primrose Hill, an affluent area of north London, on 9 April 1979. His parents were Anthony and Beverly Silverstone, who sent him to the exclusive private St Paul's School in Barnes, London. Ben's breakthrough was via family friend, Mike Figgis who gave him a major role in The Browning Version (1994) as Taplow. His next motion picture was a minor appearance as the young Humbert Humbert in Adrian Lyne's remake of Lolita (1997). Certainly the biggest role for Ben has been that of Steven Carter in Simon Shore's directing debut, _Get Real (1998/I)_ . Although no box office smash, Get Real has attained cult status with its fans, and Ben has received much praise, including a many dedicated websites about him and his work. Ben left Cambridge University with a First (top class) degree in June 2001 followed by the lead role in The Age Of Consent, a new play by Peter Morris, at The Edinburgh Festival.


Movie Name Release Date
Η Εκδοχή του Μπράουνιγκ – The Browning Version (1994) October 12, 1994
Λολίτα – Lolita (1997) September 25, 1998